Am I catching typos, refining your prose, or offering a more involved edit?

I can help refine and polish your work in a variety of ways. Please get in touch and we can discuss how I can help you.


For a proofreading job I will carefully go over your text checking spelling, grammar, and consistency. I will work to an agreed style. I’m happy working with US or UK spelling, and am familiar with The Chicago Manual of Style 17 and APA style.


A copy edit will include fixing any spelling and grammatical errors, as well as a more in-depth engagement with your writing to refine the wording and offer suggested improvements. I will also keep an eye out for inconsistencies, and can fact-check.

Structural Edit

For a more involved edit, we can work together to finesse the overall structure of your piece.

Before agreeing to a price I will need to see a sample of the work (for a token fee), and we can work out exactly what you hope to get out of the editing process.

Let’s work together.


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