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Copyediting and proofreading specialising in the Middle East

خدمات التحرير

I am a Professional-Level Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading, the UK’s professional body promoting excellence in English language editing, as well as ACES, the United States’ leading organization of editing professionals.

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About me

With over ten years in-house editorial experience in London, a background in Arabic, and a lifetime love of the Middle East, I can edit your work with technical and subject knowledge. Your writing is in safe hands. Read more about my background here.


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“Sarah has edited my words brilliantly in the past, pointed out subtly where I was wrong (but without quite putting it like that) and made me look far more able than I actually am; and appear as if I am a far better writer than I will ever be. She is careful, punctilious, meticulous and has an eye for detail that is rare in editing today.”

Danny Dorling, author of A Better Politics

I entrusted Sarah Campbell with proofreading and editing my doctoral thesis at the Free University Berlin. Sarah did a brilliant job. Her proofreading was astute, thorough, and greatly improved the quality of my writing (it is amazing what you don’t notice as an author!). Her edits really helped, not just with formalities but with the quality and flow of the text. I would enthusiastically recommend!”

Matthew D. Stephen, co-author of Contested World Orders

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